Short Stories VII

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My Elementary Principal (Final)

My Freshman Spanish Teacher I

My Freshman Spanish Teacher II

My Freshman Spanish Teacher III

My Elementary Principal (Final)

In the 8th grade I was 13 and kept myself generally out of trouble both at school and at home, but I did on occasion have problems that resulted in a trip to the Principalís office to be straightened out. During the entire year I only made 5 or 6 trips to her office instead of the one or two monthly visits I had in the 7th grade.

The first of these infamous visits occurred in September when I got in a scuffle in the playground during recess. Another boy and I were messing around and we managed to shove four 6th grade girls who were bothering us and they all cried and claimed we hurt them. The playground teacher took us both to Ms. Montigueís office where we were read the riot act. Ms. Montigue then had the four girls come into her office and she heard their side of the story. When they were finished my friend and I were told to remove our pants and underpants and prepare for a spanking.

We waited for the girls to leave, but Ms. Montigue told them to sit down and observe how she punished bullies. I was the first to be spanked and the strap soon turned my bottom bright red and had me in tears. I was then made to stand in the corner while my friend got his spanking. When he was finished being spanked by the Principal and was standing in the corner the playground teacher turned me over her knee and spanked me with her open hand, then she spanked my friend.

We were then both spanked by each of the four girls we had pushed around on the playground. These girls seemed to really enjoy spanking 13 year old boys on their bare behinds, and a couple of them were good at it.

The second and third trips to the office were the result of my getting caught cheating on a quiz in math in December. My teacher caught me using a crib sheet during a quiz and sent me immediately to the Principalís office. I received a spanking from Ms. Montigue and when my teacher arrived in about 20 minutes I received a second spanking from the principal and one from my teacher.

The next day I was made to spend the day in the Principalís office, while she decided what to do to make an impression on me and others who might want to cheat. When it was 10:00 and time for my math class Ms. Montigue took me back to my class and had me apologize to my classmates. We discussed how important it was for us to be honest and that cheating was not acceptable.

Ms. Montigue then pulled my teachers chair to the front of the room and she pulled my pants down and turned me over her knee, she then pulled down my underpants and spanked me in front of my math class. When she was finished, my math teacher gave me a second bare bottom spanking and I was returned to the Principalís office.

I got one more spanking with the strap that day, just before school was out.

The third trip to her office that year was the result of four of my friends and I being caught after peaking at the girls taking showers in the locker room after PE. We planned the event carefully with one of my friends arriving early and getting into the girls locker room and opening a window with a good view of the shower about 2 inches. This window was in an area below ground and we knew we could all get into the area and watch the girls take their showers unobserved. The plan worked great and the four of us skipped or were late for class five times during the next two weeks to watch the naked girls.

The problem with our plan was that one of the guys had a big mouth and one of the teachers overheard him bragging about what he had seen. The Principal called him into her office and after telling him what she had heard he confessed and told her who else was involved and showed her how we had done it.

The Principal called all four of us into her office and told us the jig was up and she had us remove our pants and she whipped us with the strap.

She then asked us what classes we had observed showering, and we could not keep our story straight, so she devised a plan that would solve her dilemma. The next two weeks we were kept in her office and were taken to the girls locker room for each session of PE for the 7th and 8th grade girls, which meant three per day. The girls did not have PE these two weeks, instead they got to sit and watch the four of us naked taking showers and then getting spanked by the principal. The girls all had PE three times a week so each girl in our class got to watch us shower and get spanked at least six times.

The next week, because there had been three girls who had been absent the week before, we put on a repeat performance for them during one additional PE session. Every girl in our schools 7th and 8th grade classes saw us being spanked on our bare behinds, plus everything else, but they also knew that we had probably seen them naked as well.

The last session happened when I was acting as an a projection room helper showing a movie for a science class in the movie room. I was in the projection booth with a girl I often worked with showing movies. The movie had started and we thought we had locked the door and were well into heavy petting when the science teacher came in to ask us a question. She was shocked to see us both half undressed and groping inside each others underpants. She flipped on the lights and paraded the two of us through the class and straight to the Principalís office where we were both spanked on our bare backsides in front of the science teacher. Our parents were called and when they arrived they watched the Principal whip us again and then our fatherís took over and they took turns whipping both of our bare behinds before taking us home. Our clothes were still in the projection room so we were marched to our parents cars in our birthday suits, crying and with scarlet red behinds.

My dad whipped me again immediately upon arrival home and again just before dinner and once more before bed that night. I know the girl got the same treatment from her father.

The door and lock were removed from the projection booth, which made a lot of other projection helpers mad at us.

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My Freshman Spanish Teacher I

When I was 14 and a freshman in high school I had a lot of trouble with my Spanish teacher and she asked for a conference to discuss my behavior.

Dad and I arrived and after the teacher explained my behavior he had me lower my pants and bend over my desk. He then pulled down my underpants and gave me a good spanking with his belt, that left me crying and with huge red welts all over my behind and upper legs. He then gave my spanish teacher his belt and allowed her to give me a second licking. When my teacher Mrs. Johnson was finished spanking me my father told her that she had his permission to spank me when required, and if she had problems he would take care of me for her. Mrs. Johnson took his word to heart and and I received numerous spankings from her during the remainder of my freshman year. I will give examples of these in other stories.

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My Freshman Spanish Teacher II

In an earlier story I described a spanking from my father at school, and the fact that he gave my teacher, Mrs. Johnson, the right to spank me if I misbehaved.

About 2 weeks later Mrs Johnson told me that she wanted to see me in her office after school. I reported to her office, which was attached to the music practice room which was soundproofed. When I arrived, she shut the door and told me that she was not happy with my behavior in class and that I needed a good spanking. She told me to remove my pants and to wash the caulk boards in the classroom while she finished some work. I took off my pants and started on the boards, when she stopped me and asked what I was doing. I said I was washing the board, but she wanted to know what I was wearing, and I answered my underpants and shirt. She then told me that when she said to take off my pants, she meant my underpants too. I stalled, but after seeing how mad she was I took of my underpants and finished washing the boards. When I was done she called me to her desk, and turned me over knee before blistering my bare behind with an 18 inch wooden ruler.

After the spanking I was made to stand in the corner until I stopped crying, and then I was allowed to get dressed and go home.

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My Freshman Spanish Teacher III

Mrs Johnson my spanish teacher realized that she could spank me whenever she felt like it, because my father had given her permission.

About 10 days after she spanked me the first time, I was advised that she wanted to see me after school in her office again. I could not figure what I had done wrong, but knew that I was in trouble and I dreaded going to her office.

When I arrived about 3:45, Mrs Johnson was talking to my math teacher and they stopped talking when I arrived. Mrs Johnson shut the door and told me she had heard that I had misbehaved in my math class and that I was going to be spanked by both of them. I was told to take my pants off and clean the chaulk boards while they discussed my punishment. When the boards were finished, Mrs Johnson turned me over her knee and used the ruler to give me 35 hard swats which left me in tears. When she was finished my math teacher grabbed my hand and turned me over her knee and I received a second spanking with her hand on my bare behind. When the second spanking was finished, I stood in the corner until I stopped crying and they were satisfied.

I was informed that my behavior was being monitored by all of my teachers and that if I misbehaved I would be spanked.

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