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In 1972, the OM system was launched. It was the result of a huge five-year research and development project that examined every aspect of photography.

The essence of the OM system is the concept of functionality. This means superior performance, greater versatility, easier handling and carrying, and greater toughness and reliability.

Before the OM-1, single lens reflex cameras were too heavy, big and noisy to be truly functional, their camera systems were unwieldy as a result of piecemeal and haphazard development.

The birth of OM system heralded a new approach to 35mm SLR photography - a combination of the best of both 35mm rangefinder and SLR cameras.

OM Concept Stage One : OM-1
OM Concept Stage Two : OM-2
OM Concept Stage Three : OM-3, OM-4
OM System Interchangeable Lenses
OM System Camera Timeline
OM Catalog Album
OM Advertisement Album
OM Interview

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