Lurex Rekkids
Lurex Rekkids, Dunedin, New Zealand

To find out my postal address, drop me an e-mail at: [email protected]

Coming Soon:LR7: The First Awesome CDR EP, entitled In Bed With Metallica

NEW!!! LR6: The International Telepaths "Sealed For Your Protection" CD NZ $15

LR5: rainy mcmaster "hollandia" CD EP. Exclusive limited release.

LR4: The International Telepaths s/t CD NZ$10

LR3: Evidence X "Evidence X" 10" lathe cut. SOLD OUT!

LR2: The Strange Girls "W.E.C" CDR. NZ $10.

LR1: Lady Die "CK500" 7" lathe cut. SOLD OUT!

My self-titled CD was out on root don lonie for cash. NO LONGER AVAILABLE. review
I have for sale the LD50 CD, NZ$10.

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