The International Telepaths formed in July of 2002. We are (l-r) Lucy Lurex and Duane Zarakov. We have two full-length albums, the latest entitled "Sealed For Your Protection", and the debut self-titled CD which was released in 2003. Both are available from Lurex Rekkids. Our trademark features are Ms. Lurex's raw guitaring, her fearless howl, and Duane's inimitable "fucking great" elastic drumming. The International Telepaths are no more as of May 15th 2005. Look out for Lurex's new project, AWESOME.


April 27 2005: We are playing this Friday night at Arc Cafe as part of the Cramps tribute night. The show starts at 9pm, costs $5 and will feature such local awesomeness as The Futurians, Dick The Phone, The Creeps and the Chelsea Girls. Then on May the 14th we celebrate the release of our new CD entitled "Sealed For Your Protection". The gig will also be at Arc Cafe and we will be joined by local badasses The Rise of the City Cat Cult and Rory Storm. Be aware - our recent gig with the loud and infectiously awesome Dick The Phone was KILLER so don't miss this shit.

22 March 2005: Well its been a long time, but the recording and mixing for album #2 is finished. Just gotta do the cover art and it'll be ready to roll. Come see our April 15th gig! Its at Arc Cafe with Dick The Phone!

29 August 2004: We're recording! It's going well! Did I mention it'll be even awesomer than the first album?

3rd June, 2004: Our gigs with Die! Die! Die! / Operation Rolling Thunder, and TV2 National Anthem are over. this lady makes us sound way cooler than we are. We probably won't play again until our next album has been recorded. I'll try 'n' make a prettier page with new photos etc.

10th May 2004: Our gigs with Mestar were an insane few days indeed. The Dunedin show was definitely the highlight, for us and for Mestar (who played to their biggest crowd ever). Duane got beaten up a few hours before we played, he had a black eye and an injured hand but he powered through the set anyway! By the way, if anyone else thinks "You need a bass player" is a valid criticism, I shall knee them in the groin. Love and kisses, Lucy Lurex.

27th April 2004: The Saturday night mega gig at Arc was a success, despite such wonderful hiccups as keyboard failure and Anzac Day midnight closing which Arc failed to notify us of when we booked the gig. Thanks to everyone who came and especially to Forbes, who is everyone's favourite sound mixer.

14 March 2004: ...and if we don't record soon we'll end up releasing a double album!

8 March 2004: We had a total BLAST in Christchurch last month, we will definitely visit you fuckers again. Speshally cos you bought all our CDs and whooped a lot at our show. Thanks to George G for our live to air on RDU, and special thanks to Di and Jase for putting us up, *mwah*. On Friday the 13th we played at Arc supported by sister band The Shutups (yeah i'm in that band too).

3 February 2004: The International Telepaths are heading to Christchurch for the gig at Creation on Waitangi Day. Since the release of our last album we have written a ton of new songs. Literally. I'm telling you, they sure feel like a ton cos they are HEAVY as hell. We're gonna record again in March. Doesn't look like we got to tour New Zealand this summer, but I'm looking into a tour for August 2004. EVERYWHERE WE GO THE KIDS WANNA ROCK. Sorry I've been slack at updating this page! If you don't like it, you could volunteer to be our manager. But you'd have to work for free. And you wouldn't like that. So don't.

17 July 2003: photos from the CD Release gig, 10 July 2003 at Arc

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