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Birthday Party Page
Are your Spidey senses tingling?
It's a Birthday Party!!
Spiderman Beach Balls (I found these at the Dollar Tree)
Spiderman Toys
Stuffed Spiderman Costume shooting web (Picture coming soon)
Spiderman Posters
Spiderman Door Poster
Spiderman Balloons
Streamers, Banners
~ Spiderman Pinata
~ Pin the Spider on Spiderman (If you can't find the game, use a Spiderman Poster and make your own spiders)
~ Spiderman Nets - (need - sheets, several cans of silly string) Spread sheet on floor with bad guys in the middle. Have kids set on outer side of the sheet. Let them take turns (10 seconds) spraying a net over the bad guys.
~ Spiderman Toss - Board with velcro strips shaped like a web. Toss bugs or bad guys (with velcro attached) at the web.
~ Spiderman Crawl - Suspend balloons from the ceiling on string so the kids can touch them.
~ Tiolet Paper Tie-up - Have an adult volunteer to be the bad guy. Let the kids put them in a chair and "tie" them up with tiolet paper.
~ Spiderman, Spiderman, Bad Guy - Play like duck, duck, goose.
Spiderman Beach Balls
Spiderman Books
Spiderman Coloring Books
Silly String
Comic Books
Super Kid Certificates
~ Cookies - make plain sugar cookies and frost with black icing and them make webs on them.
~ Cupcakes - Frost with blue or red icing and draw a spider on the top with web all around it. (Like the one on Spiderman's chest.)
~ Radioactive Spiders - oval shaped sandwiches with vegetable stick legs and olive or pickle eyes
~ Super Hero Sandwiches - let the kids create on their own superhero sandwiches. Set out a platter with various meats; (turkey, ham, chicken) cheeses, lettuce, tomatos, pickles
Spiderman Print Kit - make your own invititations, thank you's, posters, calenders....  Do a search on yahoo.
Some ideas came from Partymakers.
Lots of great ideas can be found at Partymakers. Be sure and check them out.

If you would like the number to "The Heritage Shoppe" (where I found my pinata and other party supplies) just send me an
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