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Laura Kaye's Heartfelt Holidays
Lots of great crafts, legends, stories, and poems for the Holidays.

Laura Kaye's Country Craft Loft
My photo album of some of the crafts I've made.

Laura Kaye's Heartfelt Greetings

Send someone special a beautiful greeting from the heart.

Laura Kaye's Heartfelt Space
I love to make crafts!
I'd be sew glad if you would come and visit my craft room.
I am constantly striving to keep my house clean, trying hard not to live in chaos! Come on in and I'll share some of my tips...
I love to have parties!!!!
Okay, I'll admit it! I'm a wild woman. LOL!
I love birthday, holiday, and home parties.
I have added some of the parties I have given and tips and recipes so I could share them with you.
Grab a snack and a cup of coffee and join me in the reading room....
The Theater
Fun Animation and Video
All mixed up on the email abbreviations??? I know I can't read my DS's letters. Find out just what you need to know here...


Lightyear's Page - My youngest son's corner of the web. Find out his favorite things to do on the net and what is going on in his world. Lot's of fun things for kids to do.

Chevy truck enthusiats! You don't want to miss this site.
Buckmaster's Lodge
Come on in and chat with me at Heartfelt's Hen House
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Have something to sale? Want to post your ebay site?
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Fun For Kids
Birthday Parties
Here you will find ideas on children parties.

Toy Story
Blue's Clues
Lightyear's Reading Room
A list of books Lightyear enjoys reading. He is an Accelerated Reader!
Lightyear's Favorite Links
A list of places Lightyear likes to go on the web.
About Mom
Here you will find out all about mom and what she enjoys!
Mom's Place
Visit my coffee shop and catch up on the latest news and weather. Come on in and spend your morning with me with a daily devotion.
Come on in and see what's posted on my fridge.
Visit my favorite links.
Journey with me to My Heartfelt Whispers
coming soon
Come on over to my Country Farm and pet the animals!
Visit Grape Harbor for some of my favorite recipes I have collected.
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