The Six Psychogenic modes and their dates of evolution in the most advanced countries. (Two charts)
Each of these six psychoclasses co-exist in the modern world today.

"Psycho": mind "Genic": birth - originating or developing in.
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Mode Parental Wish Historical Manifestations
early | late
Mother: "I wish you were dead, to relive my fear of being killed by my mother." Child-sacrifice and infanticide, child as a breast-penis, intolerance of child's anger, hardening, ghosts and magic, child sale, child sodomy
Abandoning Mother: "I must leave you, to escape the needs I project into you." Longer swaddling, fosterage, outside wetnursing, monastery, nunnery and apprenticeship
Ambivalent Mother: "You are bad from the erotic and aggressive projections put in you." Enemas, early beating, shorter swaddling, mourning possible, child as erotic object precursor to empathy.
Intrusive Mother: "You can have love when I have full control over you." Early toilet training, repression of child's sexuality, end of swaddling and wetnursing, empathy now possible rise of pediatrics
Socializing Mother and Father: "We will love you when you are reaching our goals." Use of guilt, "mental discipline", humiliation, rise of compulsory schooling, delegation of parental unconscious wishes
Helping Mother and Father: "We love you and will help you reach your goals." Children's rights, de-schooling and free schooling, child therapy, birth without violence.

Each of these six psychoclasses co-exist in the modern world today.

by: Lloyd deMause
The Institute for Psychohistory
140 Riverside Drive, NY NY 10024

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