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2M ambivalent mode
5aRD 5-alpha-reductase deficiency
AGP autogynecophilia (a PP) - paraphilia
AIS androgen insufficiency syndrome
AM abandoning mode
AP-TS/DQ androphilic (homosexual) TS/DQ- transsexual/drag queen/king
BP I bipolar I
BPM basic perinatal matrix
CA Cognitive Anthro
CAH congenital adrenal hyperplasia
CAIS complete AIS - androgen insufficiency syndrome
CGD childhood gender dysphoria
COEX [systems] (of) condensed experience
CRM childrearing mode
DID dissociative identity disorder
CSTP current standard treatment paradigm
DQ/DK drag queen/king
EIM early infanticidal mode
EPA ethnopsychoanalysis
EP evolutionary psychology
EVF exogenously virilized female
f2m female-to-male
F-A fantasy analysis
FP fetal psychology
G-F group fantasy
GID gender identity disorder
GRS (s. SRS) - sex reassignment surgery
HM helping mode
HRT hormonal replacement therapy
ICM idealized cognitive model
IM intrusive mode (N.B.: infanticidal mode/ s. EIM, LIM)
IS intersex(ual)
KS Klinefelter Syndrome
LIM late infanticidal mode
m2f male-to-female
M/D (s. BP)
MGD mixed gonadal dysgenesis
MGH mixed gonadal histology
MPD (s. DID)
NPD narcisstic personality disorder
NS Noonan Syndrome
PA psychoanalysis
PAIS partial AIS
PC psychoclass
P-C poison container
PH psychohistory
PP paraphilia
P-P primary process
PO primary object
P-O partial object
PR primary relation
RCM relation-changing mechanism
(applied to inherent *as well as* established /Rs)
REM relation-establishing mechanism
SA social alter
SAP speech-act-participant
SM socializing mode
S/M sado-masochistic
SPD schizoid personality disorder
SRS sex reassignment surgery
SS Swyer Syndrome
TG transgenderism (an AGP G-F)
TH true hermaphroditism
TS transsexual(ism)
UTS Ulrich-Turner Syndrome


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