Stoeger .22 LR Luger pistol

This neat little pistol was designed and manufactured by Stoeger Industries during the 1970-1980's.  Mine has an aluminum frame, walnut grips, 10-round magazine, and came with a flap holster.  I have heard that this pistol was also made with a steel frame, though I'm not sure which version came first and why.  Mine is fairly accurate and pleasant to shoot, but seems to be very picky with ammunition.  Lighter loads will jam like crazy (I've had particularly bad luck with American Eagle brand).  The chamber seems to be pretty tight and I think this may be the problem.  I polished it with 600-grit sandpaper and that seems to have helped reliability, but it wasn't completely reliable until I boosted the extractor spring. I fieldstripped a BIC ink pen and cut a tiny slice (about 1mm or less) off the end of the ink tube. I inserted this into the extractor spring recess, and reinstalled the spring on top of this piece of plastic, and reassembled the gun.

While externally similar to the famous P08 Luger pistol, its internals differ quite a bit.  The original Luger is often described as being very complex and intricate in design.  I suppose it's somehow appropriate that the Stoeger .22 is also complex and intricate, but in a different way.  Mostly it has a lot of pins, springs, and other small, easily lost bits.  It makes the Ruger .22 pistols seem a paragon of simplicity in comparison.

Fieldstripping the Stoeger .22 Luger

Exploded Parts Diagram

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