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Ford Mk6 Armoured Car
Ford Mk6 Armoured Car
Copyright � M. McNamara/Curragh Local Historical Group
Following the successful design and build of the Leyland Armoured Car, it was decided that the Defence Forces were acutely short of armour and that some airfield defence vehicles should be constructed and as mentioned elsewhere armoured bodies were fitted on Ford chassis.

As these earlier vehicles had been quite successful it was decided to construct a further 21+7 of these armoured cars with some improvements. Thomas Thompson of Carlow were awarded the contract, but as no new chassis were available from Ford existing Ford lorries (for the final 7 cars) were withdrawn from service with the S&T Corps and modified, by Ford in Cork, for fitting the armoured bodies.

These vehicles, like the earlier Mk5s used a 122 inch chassis, but unlike the Mk5, there were no Peerless Turrets available, so Thompsons fabricated a turret modelled on the Landsverk's.

Eight Mk6s were dispatched to the Congo in 1961 followed later by 3 more including two open topped armoured scout cars. They gave sterling service in the Congo for vehicles of their age and at the end of hosilities the Irish Army handed over 6 operational Ford Armoured Cars to the Congolese Army.

The Mk6 remained in service until replace by Panhards in the '70s and were used for border patrols from 1969 until retirement.

Vehicle Specification
Crew 3 Driver, Commander and Gunner
Armament Vickers .303in Water Cooled Machine Gun .
Unladen Weight 5 ton 11 cwt estimated
Combat Weight . .
Length 14 ft. 10 ins. .
Width 6 ft. 7 ins. .
Height 8 ft. Overall
Internal Volune . .
Ground Clearance . .
Gradient . .
Slide Slope . .
Max. Speed 45 mph Open road
Max. Speed in Water . .
Cruise Speed . kph .
Range 150 miles estimated
Max. Vertical Step . .
Max. Trench . .
Fording . .
Armour . .
Ballistic Protection .303 in ball All Round
Ballistic Protection . .
Ballistic Protection . .
Engine Ford V8 3,621 cc 85 hp petrol
Transmission Ford 4 Speed/? Reverse Manual
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