It is a simple computer language. LOGO stands for Logic-Oriented Graphic-Oriented.

Like Paint software, you can enjoy drawing on computer by using LOGO. It can be used to draw simple shapes to advance shapes. You will find that it is fun to work in LOGO.

A unique feature of LOGO is Turtle graphics. In Turtle graphics you use some simple commands to control the movement of a Turtle. Turtle obeys these commands and draws on the screen of LOGO. The turtle represents a cursor or a pointer on the screen.

LOGO has two types: (i) MSWLogo & (ii) PC Logo. For a freeware software of MSWLogo Version 6.4 for Microsoft Windows, it can be downloaded free of cost from the website http://www.softronix.com. This software may be copied and distributed for educational, research and not-for-profit purposes provided that its copyright statement is included in all such copies.    







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