The Vulcan Institute of Very Advanced Logic, Applied Science, and Various Endeavors of Generally Advanced Studies (VIVA LAS VEGAS)

I've always been interested in science and technology. The following reports are based on scientific speculation and what I know about the pseudoscience supporting Star Trek physics and history. Of course they're not official, but that's the point, now isn't it?

First Report
Quantum Flywheel,
Holographic Hull Projectors,
Multifunction Phased Arrays,
Photon Cannon.

Second Report
Phase-Inverting Multi-band Emission Suppression System (PIMESS),
Enhanced Quantum Torpedo (EQT),
Semi-Autonomous Remotely-Piloted Expendable Vehicle (SARPEV).

Third Report
Shield Technology

Fourth report
How the Romulans acquired warp drive.

Fifth Report
Artificial Quantum Singularities.

Sixth Report
Photon Torpedo Development History.

Seventh Report
Warp Drives

Eighth Report
The USS Excelsior and Transwarp: Success and Failure

Ninth Report
Rules of Engagement
Laws of Armed Conflict
for Federation Forces
(The legal department finally speaks!)

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