This site's very first award was received from Paul S. Cargile on June 13, 1998

Paul S. Cargile Sites

Renegade TrekList

Liberty Fleet's "Signpost" Page

"The True Style Award

is for good quality, original
web sites that are stylish
and graphically interesting"

"the Market-Tek Design Award"

"The Elite Site Award"

"...visually appealing and informative."

Rated Three Pips by Sector 001

Rated Outstanding by Starfleet Military Reserves

"Original: Conceptual ships give the viewer plenty of material to digest."

"Realism: Insistance on not only aesthetics, but WHY things work
the way they do. Information and design/developmental summaries
are excellent and lend insight into the logic behind design."

Rated Lieutenant Commander by Rick's Galaxy

Diese Auszeichnung wurde vergeben von
Svens StarTrek Page

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has awarded
Robert "Baloo" Dunehew
the rank of

in recognition of his innovative and original starship designs.

Awarded 16th March 2000

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Rank pips & comm badge images courtesy of Stephen Marriott

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