Chile is a long and narrow country.  It has the sea, rivers, lakes, desert, and the Andes Mountains. The capital is Santiago. It has two languages: Spanish and Mapuche.

The location is Southern South America, bordering the South Pacific Ocean between Argentina and Peru. The climate is temperate: desert in the north, Mediterranean in the central region, cool and damp in the south.

Lake Villarrica

This lake is very, very beautiful. It is big. The temperature is hot in the summer, January and February. After that it is cold. During the year it is freezing.

Lake Villarrica has one city called Villarrica. It is a small town. The area is agricultural with forests, too. There is a very, very big volcano.

The lake is a tourist attraction. It has a waterfall called “Eyes of Caburga.” It’s great!
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