Sale Seals Teams

At Sale we have four teams these are; Juniors (Under 16), Under 18, Youth (Under 21) and the Seniors.

The Junior and Senior teams both take part in their local leagues and compete in the nationals and other invitation tournaments. The Youth and Under 18 teams both take part in the nationals and other invitation tournaments.

For more information on the individual teams please select a team.

Juniors Under 18 Youth Seniors

Octopush has been played at Sale Leisure Centre for a long time. It is rumoured that the senior team was started as a way of filling time before the TV was invented ! The junior team however is a fairly recent addition to the club. It was started in 1991 as a result of people attending the leisure centre's popular snorkelling course and wishing to carry on playing Octopush (which they had started to play on the course) after they had left. The team competed in its first Nationals in 1992 and won!

Since then the juniors have gone from strength to strength winning their local league and other invitation tournaments. The youth team was started by the original junior players when they became to old for the team. It has since been kept going, along with the under 18 team by ex-junior players.

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