Leather Craft

    My extension into leather working was a direct result of the need for footwear to go with my first cotehardie. As I was still only concerned with aesthetical (rather then actual) authenticity when I made my first pair, I took the shortcut and crossed a pair I had seen at a renaissance faire with those I had seen depicted in several 14th century illuminated manuscripts. The method of construction was based on that of the faire and the style was of those in the illuminations. The result was a shoe that looked very period unless you know how they should have been assembled in the middle 1300's.>

14th Century Turn-shoes

14th Century German Shoes

14th century boots based on those
seen in the Luttrell Psalter


     The next project I completed was a Lanthorn. This is one of those things to be seen on this web site that is not of the 14th century, but it still is period, though there are those who would argue it isn't.

     My next leather project is to construct a second, more accurate, Lanthorn based on some new information I have found concerning the inner workings and size of the light source. If anyone out there can supply me with "green" horns (or aim me towards a supplier) I am more then willing to pay fair market value! The pre-finished horns available from leather distributors do not de-laminate well as the polishing process seem to plasticize the them.


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