In addition to garb, one's accessories help them to better feel and therefore act the part. The following bits and pieces encompass several art categories and are here gathered as a miscellany of accoutrements


Detail of "Nail" Buckles

Detail of Stamping

These patyns are based on 14th century finds in London as reported in Shoes and Patyns by Francis Grew & Margrethe de Neergaard (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London #2 by Museum of London). I have chosen to tone down the details but keep a floral motif as was used in period. To accomplish this I stamped the leather after dying it. This seems to reduce the impressionability of the leather and also leaves intermittent flesh-tone highlights to accent the design. I decided to use the nail-buckle closures noted on some patyn finds of my persona's period. As of yet I have not noticed any of this style at any events and like to be as novel as I can with my SCA projects.
These pieces are now complete with the "washer band" to protect the body leather from the nail heads. I have waxed the interior of the leather to keep any dye from bleeding onto my shoes or hose and the entire "washer band" to protect it from moisture. The outside of the patyns' leather will be oiled periodically to keep it pliable and safe from the elements. By the way, this style of patyn functions equally well with or without shoes.

Heraldic Plaque Belt

Heraldic Garters

The plaque belt marks my beginning steps into metal belts and girdles. This piece was started years ago, but was temporarily lost in the unfinished projects tote. It was completed just prior to setting off for Sacred Stones Baronial Birthday in 2007.
The garters were designed to match and be worn with the plaque belt. The boar heads here cast from a 3rd generation Fimo pressing from a German goblet adorned with a scene depicting a bore hunt. During the transfer from negative to positive molding, I removed the body of the boar and cleaned up the fur patterning. The buckles and rivets are brass, the plate mounts are stainless and the heads are pewter.

Laurel circlet made for Mistress Maddalena Jessamyn di Piemonte and presented prior to my placement on vigil at Sacred Stoneís Baronial Birthday 2007

This circlet is constructed very similar to a true sprig of the Laurus Nobilis. Each leaf is uniquely hand veined using several sizes of straight punch and is individually attached via itís own stem extending from the core of the body / branch. This method of construction strengthens each leafís attachment to itís branch. The entire work is constructed in brass and braised with silver solder.

With the recent addition of an enameling set up to our repertoire, my wife and I hoped to enhance may of our costumes however I have not progresses as quickly in the art of brass and bronze casting as I had hoped to. I was besieged by siege research if you will. In the mean time, my lady/mistress has taken the opportunity to enamel undines for her majesty Ariel the Golden and increased he knowledge in the craft.


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