Here you can find a handful of little overwritting modifications I've done to tweak my game. The file you'll download will be a zip and it will contain both edited files and a back up. You can probably easily figure out what-goes-where if you've ever poked around your Creatures files, but if you’re a beginner... no fear! All of my downloads also comes with a little text file with installation instructions. Enjoy...

I used to go by the name Nirax! If that
name pops up, it's a me, Uzag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  Grendel Loading Screen
If you have happy-c3-norn-phobia, love grendels or just want a new view, you now have the option to switch your DS loading screen to something more... grendelish.
DOWNLOAD (DS version)
DOWNLOAD (C12DS version)


  New DS Elevators
Are you tiered of yellow space monkeys sitting on top of your elevator vehicles? Do they keep demanding their share of your tea and cookies? Then this is your lucky day! The new and automatic DS elevator deluxe is 100% monkey free!!!1


  Legless Muco
Maybe it’s just me, but Muco has always made me think of a strapped up, headless dinosaur that is puking eggs. And that's really nasty. So here's a legless variant, making it look more like a part of a bioship. Or a strapped up, headless slug...


  Silent Muco
Urgh, I can’t stand those gurgling noises in the Meso that Muco makes! So I silenced it. No, not silenced in that kind of way...


  Legless Containment Chamber
Like Muco, those legs on the Containment Chamber has always weirded me out. So... *chop chop*


  Natural Norn Eggs
This one will make your norns always lay plain looking eggs, which is nice if you favor a more natural look.


  Natural Ettin Eggs
Do you always fall into deep thoughts whenever you see an ettin egg, wondering what that red stuff on them is? Is it a secret message? How does it get there? Maybe a best-before-date? Well, now you can just wipe that red stuff away so you’ll never get distracted by an ettin egg ever again. Well, not by the scribbles at least.
DOWNLOAD (C3/DS version)
DOWNLOAD (Desert Nursery version)


  Natural Banshee Grendel Eggs
This one is ttly related to the download above. And the one above it. But not the one about that one. The egg-stone will also get a new look, because it’s sooo cooooool. Okay, I lied. It’s because of copyrights.


  Elevator Vendor (v.2)
Got creatures that want to "eat elevator"? Now they finally can! This agent will vend tiny elevators that fit your creature's mouth's much better than the large things they travel in. These snacks even come in an array of different flavors!

By Pilla and


  Past Seas
A medium aquatic metaroom with a retro touch; its surroundings are based on the seas of the Creatures and Creatures 2 games. It seems to be inhabited by some organisms that are far older than these games though...

By Grendel Man and
  The Biodome
A huge metaroom and a huge community project! The Biodome got quite a history as well and has some rather unusual features. I highly recommend checking out the details in the link bellow.

Liam & lots o' people!
  The Grendel Hideout v.1.0
A tiny and dank jungle metaroom. It was designed for Grendels in particular, but any kind of creature can have a horrible GREAT FUN HAPPY AWESOME time here.

Working on v.2.0, it will fix the issues caused if injected together with the C3 Jungle and no longer overlap with Norngarden's "hub" room. It will also includes a small graphical update.

By Liam and

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