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Harry Potter Tarot

This was never intended to be finished. I was just enamored by some forwarded images of Harry Potter characters drawn with a Japanese anime inspiration.




Tarot 152

Again, a really old creation. I was just playing around with the idea of a deck with images from Philippine life. Not really intended to be finished. (with a Miss Saigon Poster feel. hehe)









BT'X Tarot

One of the best anime I've ever watched. Has a strong structure plot-wise as well as a very intricate system of mythology or levels of powers/power-wielders. Would have been perfect for a tarot subject, but resources regarding the series are hard to come by.







Tarot of Life Journey Impressions

Just playing with pics of friends here. Not really meant to be a full-blown deck or anything.







Zodiac Maids

Did this a few years back for a friend's class project. He created a witty and sarcastic parody magazine that was supposed to target local maids. Here's what I did for the horoscope section of the mag.















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