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Milan - Mercanti Square and New Town Hall (Broletto Nuovo)
Miracously a corner of old Milan is still preserved intact here-it is hard to beleve that the traffic and skyscrapers are just a step away! Originally square shaped, it had six gates, one for each of the neighborhoods of the 13th century city. Mercanti Square In the centre stood the Palazzo della Ragione, or New Town Hall (Broletto Nuovo), commissioned from 1228 to 1233 by Oldrado da Tresseno, the first Milanese mayor, portrayed on orseback in a high relief above the palace's fourth pillar; stylistically this work (1233) bears the influence of the famous 12th century sculptor from Modena, Antelami. Below is a five verse Latin inscription exalting the mayor's major merits, i.e. one, commissioning this palace and two, burning heretics at the stake. The extremely plain building has three rows of arcades supported by square pillars and a brickwork upper floor with triple windows. The charming Loggia degli Osii commisioned by Matteo Visconti da Scoto of San Gimignano in 1316, sharply contrasts with the starkness of the palace. The square is completed by the Baroque Palatine School Building and the Gothic House of Panigarola Family, next to the each other in a fine contrast of styles. And finally right before the La Loggia degli Osii is the crowning touch - a charming 16th century well with columns and trabeation added in the 18th century.
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