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Milan - Porta Ticinese
Porta Ticinese dates from the Middle Age


Porta Ticinese is definitely one of the most unusual remains of the circle of walls put up in 1171 following Barbarossa's destruction of the city and then rebuilt by Azzone Visconti after 1329, although its present appearance is due to a 19th century restoration project. The gate is formed by a great central arch whith towers on either side, which in 1861 were opened by two pointed arches. Like every other Milanese gate, Porta ticinese has been eyewitness to history: after having been assigned to Pavia by Barbarossa in 1162, the gate was scene of the murky events and sly plotting of the Visconti Family - Gian Galeazzo Visconti, for exemple, selected it as the spot to ambush his uncle Barnabò on May 16, 1385.
Porta Ticinese, a neo-classical design by Luigi Cagnola


The purest Milanese Neo-Classic is exemlified in this work by Luigi Cagnola who erected it between 1801 and 1814. It was financed by public donations to celebrate Napoleon's victory at Marengo. Built of Baveno granite, it is composed of an entablature resting on eight Ionic columns. In 1815 wen the Napoleonic storm had died down in Europe, the arc was dedicated to the peace.
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