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Milan - Sant'Ambrogio Museum
The entrance is at the end of the Rectory portico. The museum, which was founded in 1949, assembles various precious relics of the glorious life of the basilica. The treasure is placed half way down the flight of stairs. One of the most fabulous examples of the goldsmith's art, is the Processional Cross, of the 15th century. From the landing where a medallion in stucco with the bust of St. Ambrose of the 12th century is between two doors, one enters Room 1 known as the Tapestry Room. In Room 2 (Textiles Room) are precious textiles, known as the Dalmatics of St. Ambrose which include a 4th century damask of Eastern origin Aerial view of the Sant'Ambrogio complex with hunting scenes. There are also lengths of material from the sarcophagus of the Saint found in 1940 in the chapel in transept. In Room 3, (Room of the Altar Frontals) the triptych by Bernardino Zenale representing the Madonna and St. Ambrose and St. Jerome (1494). There are also various altar frontals including an embroidered one of the 15th century. Pieces of the bombs, which hit the basilica in 1943, are displayed in the corridor. Room 4 is known as the Bedstead Room because an ancient bedstead is displayed in the centre of the room which, it's believed, belonged to St. Ambrose and upon which, it seems, the Saint died. The reproduction of the ancient doors of the basilica which include several fragments of wood from the original 4th century one of an exquisitely classical shape is worthy of note. Room 5, known as the Fresco Room, houses interesting works which include Jesus amongst the doctors, a fresco by Bergognone, and the Madonna of the Milk, by Luini. The showcases contain some of the 55 parchment codices which bear witness to the artistic quality of Lombard manuscript illumination from the 10th to the 18th century. Room 6 (Historical Room), tapestries of the 16th century drawings, prints and documents.
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