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 FreePDF - and other TCL programs I've written as freeware

  My Tcl Desktop and some freeware available.  Interesting things there.
   Newsflash: ML.exe is now 1.5M in size! 

How to Download tclkit.exe's, and Run TCL, and .kit files, by Using tclkit.exe.
This page is large!  I am torn between splitting it into multiple pages, and keeping it together.



 More about SDX, what SDX actually can do!  Also an excellent paper on Starkits, I discovered!
 * New Page 06/2014 *


Have a look at some of the folders on my hard drive! No, you won't be able to see the contents of the files, but, you will be able to see my folder structure. That's important to me, and should be to you, if you plan to use .kit files.
Not available yet! Here is a glance at some of my folders (taken with Snap2Html (freeware for Windows only).


Favorite Freeware (for Window 7)

A diagram of how to aim a pool shot by using the 'ghost cue ball' method. It is a PDF file, and was produced by using FreePDF, which I wrote, around 2000.

   A few of my favorite images

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