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You look at the sign on the crossroads pointing the way to Flaversham's Toy Shop, & then head off in that direction. You take the next Moustro tram headed for London's West End, & after traveling for several minutes, your ride comes to a stop at the intersection of Walnut Avenue (known to the humans as Michael Road) & Crown Street (also known as King's Road). After getting off the Moustro tram & watching it pull away, you begin to make your way down the sidewalk that spans the length of Walnut Avenue...before stopping when you reach the entrance of a mouse building.

The mouse building, like many of those in Mouse London, is built into the side of a larger one for humans, with a wooden oak door serving as the entrance. Over the door, suspended from a black metal post, you can see a wooden turquoise sign with a white double-border going all along the length of its edges; the sign is decorated with neat white block-letters & fancy bright-purple letters that spell out the name of your present location: "Flaversham's Toy Shop". On the left side of the front door is a large window with a display full of various paw-crafted toys; some of these toys catch your eye, &, wanting to see more, you open the door & make your way inside the toy store (which, you quickly discover, is filled with dozens of customers!).

The interior of Flaversham's Toy Shop is rather humble, yet has an aura of intimacy & coziness about it. Shelves filled with all kinds of toys--from wind-up dolls to music boxes, & everything in between--can be seen on every wall of the shop, & there are also display stands to show even more toys! A large wooden table rests in the middle of the main room, with a big electric lamp (suspended from the ceiling) hanging above it. Sitting at the table are two young mouselings, along with an older mouse with blazing red hair & large glasses perched upon his nose. The older mouse--presumably the shopkeeper--speaks to his customers in a cheerful Scottish accent, smiling from ear to ear as he hands out toys to wide-eyed children & graciously accepts payment from their parents.

After bidding "farewell" to a little girl & her family--his latest customers--the shopkeeper turns to face you, & greets you with a merry wave of his paw. "Ach, hello!" he says. "Welcome to Flaversham's Toy Shop! I'm Hiram Flaversham, & these two mouselings..."--he gestures to the young boy & girl sitting on either side of him--"...are my nephew & daughter." The Flaversham mouselings both rise from their seats, get up from the table, & go over to greet you. The little girl can't resist giving you a big hug, as she smiles up at you, & says, "Hi, I'm Olivia Flaversham! It's very nice to meet you!"

"And I'm Timmy Flaversham," the boy says with an outgoing demeanor, taking your paw in his own to give it a good shake. "I'm Olivia's older cousin."

"I see," you remark in a pleasant tone of voice, before gently pulling your hand away from Timmy, after you've finished shaking paws. Then, you look back at Hiram, who tells you, "So, if you're looking for toys, you've come to the right place! Feel free to take a gander around, & see if there's anything of interest that you might like to purchase..."




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