What is this place, Basil?

It's elementary, dear Dawson!



Welcome to...

The Mouse Avenger's GMD Fanfic World logo



Enter a world beneath your feet,
Where rodents speak & villains squeak in fear,
Where justice is swift & love is blind,
Where hatred is vanquished & good wins every time...

The humans above us feud & fight
In battles of color, creed, religion, & race,
And gender equality has no meaning
In man's world, a land of bias & bigotry

But here, in the mouse world, there is a way
To leave that dreary land filled with bleak shades of gray
And discover a smaller realm, where all are free
And every day's filled with great blessings & glee

So just close your eyes & forget all you know
As you shrink down & enter that new world below,
Where you shall be greeted with warm, friendly smiles...
Take a trip to the Fanfic World...Come & stay a while...

Enter the realm...