BETA ANALYTIC INC. University Branch, 4985 S.W. 74 Court, Miami, Florida, USA 33155. Fax: (305) 663-0964, Bitnet: [email protected]

Beta is a professional radiocarbon dating service laboratory. Its purpose is to accurately and without delay analyze carbon samples for researchers throughout the international community.

Standard materials, optimum size (30 days completion) costs $235 per sample. For AMS (accelerator) samples, the delivery time is one to two months. The laboratory has a special arrangement with three accelerators, ETH in Zurich, Oxford University and Lawrence Livemore national Lab. in California, for these physical measurements. The chemical preparations and target material syntheses are carried out in Beta Analytic. AMS dating costs $550 per sample.

Samples should be shipped by first class air mail or one o the private services such as Federal Express, UPS, TNT, etc. The package should be marked with these exact words, "CARBON SAMPLES FOR SCIENTIFIC STUDY-NO COMMERCIAL VALUE." If this is done, packages and envelopes are never delayed or opened in customs. Please do not put any monetary value on the package, for example, for insurance purposes. This would be used by US customs to calculate duty charges.

The payment check must be in US dollars payable on a bank with an address in the USA and should be included with the samples. The dollar check can be readily obtained in all banks in your country.

GEOCHRON LABORATORIES. A division of Krueger Enterprises, INC. 711 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 USA. Phone: (617)661-0148.

This facility offers priority service (7 day delivery) in addition to their standard service. In addition, C-14 age determinations by AMS are available. Geochron also offers K-Ar determinations, Sr Isotope Analyses, Rb-Sr Age Determinations, Pb Isotope Analyses, U/Pb Isotope Analyses, Tritium Analyses, Stable Isotope Ratio Analyses, Fluid Inclusion Studies and Isotopic Analyses on Bone. Contact them for information and submission forms.

THE UNIVERSITY OF WAIKATO RADIOCARBON LABORATORY. The Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory, University of Waikato, Private bag 3105, Hamilton, New Zealand. Phone: +64(7) 838-4278, Fax: +64(7) 838-4192; Bitnet: [email protected]

The University of Waikato radiocarbon Laboratory is now offering a range of options for submitters depending upon the level of precision required. The options include:

High precision: This option offers the highest available precision and incorporates duplicate sample analysis, long counting times in the lab's Quantutus counters, rigorous sample pretreatment and higher levels of Quality Control associated with the counting. Note, a prerequisite for this option is large sample size.

Standard precision: Standard levels of precision for routine dating.

Low precision: This option offers submitters a substantial discount for dates not requiring standard precision. Sample C is converted to benzene in the conventional manner and counted by Quantulus, ensuring accurate determinations. The discount is made possible by reduction in counting times, estimation of C13, and minimal sample pretreatment.

Express dating: An express service option is offered for urgent samples. Standard precision and low precision dates may be express dated in 10 working days. This option does no apply to high precision dating and it not recommended for older samples (>20,000 years).

Submitters are encouraged to contact the director, Dr. Alan G. Hogg. All details of levels of precision available, costs of analyses and sample size are included in a brochure, available on request.

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