SELECTED INTERNET RESOURCES FOR ARCHAEOLOGISTS complied by Allen H. Lutins ([email protected]). For other internet resources of interest please contact him directly.

ANTHRO-L (Anthropology): [email protected]
ARCH-L (Archaeology): [email protected]
ARCH-THEORY (Archaeology theory in Europe): send message to "join arch-theory (your name)" to [email protected]
ARTIFACT (Material culture study/methods): [email protected]
EAAN (East Asian Archaeology Network): send message "subscribe eaan" (without quotes; also without signature and subjectline, if possible) to [email protected]
INTERCUL (Interculture communication): [email protected]
MUSEUM-L (Museum issues): [email protected] or [email protected]
NATIVE-L (Native Cultures): Gary Trujillo ([email protected])
ROCK-ART (Petroglyphs, pictorgraphs): [email protected]

MICHIGAN DISCUSSIONS IN ANTHROPOLOGY:: the Tropical Journal of Four-Field Anthropology has posted a call for papers for the upcoming entitled, Environment and Anthropology. Topics include: Environmental management, Landscape Anthropology, the anthropology of environmental problems, Environmental risk perception and mitigating actions, Long and short term human impact on the environment, Environmental archaeology, Cultural constructions of the environment. The expected publication date is March, 1996. Authors should consult the Chicago Manual of Style and American Anthropologist for style and format. The submissions deadline is March 1, 1995. Send two double-spaced, single-sided manuscripts to:

Volume 13 Editor, MDIA
Department of Anthropology
1054 LS & A Building
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

MDIA Encourages papers in all fields of anthropology; Accepts papers based both on original research or new interpretations of published date; Welcomes paper from students, faculty, and other professional; Is edited and published by graduate students at the University Michigan.

THE INSTITUTE OF NAUTICAL ARCHAEOLOGY at P.O. Drawer HG, College Station, Texas A& M University, TX 77841 USA is now on the network. Send email to [email protected] Fax: 409-845-6399

INA is a non-profit research institution dedicated to the investigation of the history of seafaring and human use waterways, since 1973, INA has excavated shipwrecks and drowned habitation sites in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and the Caribbean. Inquiries about INA work, current projects, etc. are welcome.

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