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Vlogit App

Vlogit is a awesome app for editing videos and you can download it from different app download sites and enjoy editing videos.

An amazing video altering application for YouTubers and Vloggers which is totally free with no preliminary watermark! With Vlogit, making a video with music and impacts is simple. You can present your creation on YouTube or other online media locales straightforwardly from the application! You can even make a custom YouTube thumbnail to transfer with your video in Vlogit.

In fact, Vlogit is so user friendly that Backdroid has given it the number one position in the list of Best Video Editing Android Apps without Watermark which is why I recommend you download it now only and use it to make awesome trending videos.

Assuming that you like altering however you're searching for an apparatus to make recordings effectively and bother liberated from your own Android gadget, Vlogit is uniquely intended for this. Convert any clasp from your display into a masterpiece, ideal for sharing on your cherished web-based media!

Vlogit is available in 2 versions: the basic version does not require an account. The full version requires the creation of a free online account. The basic version is limited to an output quality level (HD - 1280 x 720), has a non-removable watermark, and many settings cannot be changed from the default setting. If you create a free online account,  there is no watermark, there are multiple resolution options, and all settings are adjustable.

You can export videos to the camera roll or directly to YouTube. If you create a free account, then finished videos can be exported at four quality levels:

Low – 640 x 360

Medium – 960 x 540

HD – 1280 x 720


Full HD – 1920 x 1080

The advantages over other apps:

The Vlogit can be used to produce very great-looking videos. It is intended for someone who has no idea about video editing and would like to have the app done without wanting to meddle too much in what is happening. If you want to create a simple video with an animated title and musical base, like a typical vlog, this application is easy to use and gives good results.

The disadvantages over other apps:


The Vlogit timeline only offers a very basic timeline view. Does not display audio or text overlays. To see the audio track you have to click the Audio button but then you will only see the audio, or if you click the Text button to see the text you will only see the text layer. You can never see the various elements in a timeline in relation to other elements. For someone who is experienced in editing and is used to viewing a typical video timeline, vlogit can be a frustrating experience as there is no full timeline view that shows all of the elements used in the video in relation to one another.