The Tau Gamma Phi "TRISKELION"

Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us? If you want to excel, improve yourself, then choose us. If you want to be a leader, choose us. Tau Gamma Phi has its own special orders like the Triskelion Order of Medicine, Triskelion Order of Law, Triskelion Order of Nursing, Triskelion Order of Educators, and a lot lot of councils within Tau Gamma Phi. You can participate and be a leader trainee in any of these organizations.

Our Strengths?


Our Strengths? Our strenght comes from Fortis; our resolve from Voluntas and our brotherhood from Fraternitas. This is the true filipino fraternity as it was founded by filipinos. Not imported. Tau Gamma Phi is considered to be one of the top filipino - Phitlippine Fraternities. The videos and pictures are testaments to itself.

Our Achievements?


Our Achievements? Too many to mention aside from being the biggest Fraternity in the Philippines. Tau Gamma Phi is a true pinoy fraternity, something any filipino would be proud of.

Developer: Joe G. Bantayan [TGP1968 ASSCAT Chapter]