Construction of Easy Go
Jay Benford Designed Badger Dory Schooner
Welcome to the website where we (Bob & Kathy) have documented the building of our new "Badger" junk rigged schooner.

Construction was completed in 2005 and the new boat was launched in 2006. The new Easy Go has been more successful than we anticipated. A very ocean capable watercraft.
These photos show the progress after the first week of construction in the rented shop space. The strongback and frames are taking shape along one side of the shop, and a work table has been built along the other wall.
As you can see the boat really filled the 20' x 50' shop! We stayed in London, ON, throughout the winter and following summer to complete the boat and sails. The construction was finished in the fall of 2005 and we were back on the water in the spring of 2006.
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