Here's a page all about me!

Hello, my name is Steven F Weeks, but you can just call me Steve for short. I’m fifteen years old and I was born June 15th, 2001. I went to Portsmouth Middle School for three years, before coming here to Portsmouth High. To be 100% honest, there isn’t anything I like about school, haha, no offence to you teachers, but, I just don’t see what's so great about school. But if I had to choose something, I’d say, gym and lunch are in my top five (if I could even come up with that many). As for strengths and weaknesses, well for starters let’s go with the weaknesses, because, save the best for last, right? Anyhoo, I’d have to say, I’ve got so many, that’s it’s hard to pick just one. Well let’s just stick with ones relating to English. So as I’ve probably already mentioned in class, I’m not a huge fan of reading. I hate to read the ideas of other people without being able to put a flare of my own in it. Not that I don’t read, some books I’ve read have been incredible, others, and the majority of books I’ve read have been, well let's just say, they are ok (that’s a bit of an understatement). In any case, as far as all the other things go, I’m not too shabby. Now enough about that, let’s go over to the strengths (my favorite part). As the young creative student that I am, I feel as thought, it would be a good idea to write a 365 long book about a tv I enjoy watching (yes, my life is that pathetic). So as you can probably assume, I dabble in writing, unless I’ve just typed 365 pages of mumbo jumbo. Which honestly isn’t something I’m not likely to do. But in anycase, the point is, I love writing, and I love it because no matter what anyone says I can be who I want to be in my story’s. So love writing, hate reading, that’s that.

My family, wowwee, now that's a book on it's own. So I have two sisters, one’s 13 and the others 11, and I have one brother, he’s 16. Their names are, in the Stevie Weeks 9/7/16 order of the ages as I just said above, April (13) Caroline (11) and Andrew (16). I’ve never lived in a foreign country, and I have never had to moved out of my house. But my mother is from Argentina, and my father is from here in the states. Languages you ask, well you’ll be quite surprised to know that I can speak three languages, that’s right three, one’s English, America and wait for it, Australian. Yes, if you didn’t get my humor, no I don’t speak any other languages, although I’d love to learn Spanish, French and Chinese (because, why not)? Last but not least, pets. Well my pets are the loudest and craziest of pets, fish. Yes once again, humor haha very funny right, but in all seriousness, I do have two fish (left) I had five but, well, you can do the math (I hope(RIP fish)).
(Wow onto paragraph three, and to think, you’re still here)! So hobbies, well you are very aware of one of them, (at least I think so) yeah it’s my writing hobby (Got a thing for romance in my stories). Any other Hobbies, not really, if I were a total teen, I’d say, video games, or listening to rap music, but no, none of those really interest me (That’s not to say I don't play video games, I mean really, what guy doesn’t). Anyhoo uh, what was that, instruments? Oh, well I’m glad you asked, you ever heard of a one man band? Well that’s me… Kidding, but yes I do actually play an instrument, can you guess what it is!? Of course you can’t, you can’t see my hand symbols, it’s the piano, I play the piano. I also compose miniature pieces myself, just for fun, and to impress people (because what human doesn’t like to impress people right)? Now here’s where things get interesting. Most people do soccer or lacrosse or soccer or baseball or lacrosse… wait, I already said soccer. Anyways, I don’t do any of the things most mundane teenage boys do (well I did do one year of soccer, but it wasn’t recently) what I do is, hockey, and X country, and track, and all the sports no one cares about (Haha, more examples of my pathetic life (man I’m such a loser)). “What is it that you’ve done in your life that you're proud of?” nothing, absolutely nothing… Stevie Weeks 9/7/16 Ok, ok, ok, if I had to pick ONE thing, I guess it would be the one time a got an A in physical science. Or, or was it an -A, hmm, or maybe it was a +B, huh, I don’t remember. But in all seriousness, yes I did get an -A in Science (once), I was very proud because it was the first time I got an A in a science class (in any class really).
(Fourth and final, after this it’s the league champions and then… oh wait you're still here)? My expectations? Hmm, I don’t hold very high expectations, for anything really, not even myself (although I really should). But as far as expectations go, all I have to say is I think this class will be one of the more challenging classes, but enjoyable at the same time. I only expect to do as well as I’m willing to do, and I’m willing to give my all, so, we’ll see the out come after I get an F (man I’m just beat’n a dead horse aren’t I)? As far as plans for the future goes, I’ve literally got my entire life planned out. College, jobs, wife (Ok maybe not that last one), but yeah for the most part my life’s pretty much predetermined. (just the way I like it. Hey it may sound bad, but it’s less work for me in the end end right)? Anyhoo, I just now decided, (and no not in the last fifteen seconds) that I want to be a businessman. Tada!! Yeah… so there you have it folks, the story of my life in a story told by the guy in the story in a story… (that made no sense) well anyway, I hope you got some good info about me from this, and if you didn’t, sorry, I type fast.