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Why do I make films?

About ten years ago I wrote this little manifesto with film-maker Ciriaco Tiso I still subscribe to it.


Cinema is Not the films of millions, billions

Cinema is Not the films of filmstars

Cinema is Not the films shown on television

Cinema is Not the circus of multinationals

Cinema is Not the diktat of specialists

Cinema is t the registration on video tape

Cinema is Not the films with beautiful photography, perfect framing, sumptuous scenography, clean and conventional sound-track

Cinema cannot exist without film, but a fi1in cannot start without the decision of the maker, deep down from the guts, independently of stupid programmers, cultural operators, fucking producers, any kind of managers, coordinators, bankers, subsidizors.Cinema is our films.. .

Cinema is the negation of technicisme, semiologisme

Cinema is the place where you and I recognize each other, where I and thers embrace.

Cinema is all films not made, yet ecstatically contemplated in the explosion of existence

Cinema is the domain f films impossible and frail Cinema is the emancipated burden f the margin in pursuit f its own world (kosmos)

Cinema is the land of the damned and the drunk

Cinema is the eternal reflection of Being.

Cinema is society reproducing itself on one condition: that Being and (cosmic) Time appear through the mask of Reason.

Cinema is the point f convergence-divergence between reality and the unthinkable, imagination and the impossible. Cinema is this promise-menace: the retrieval f the unconceivable, the boldness f the unforeseen.  





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