Cinderella Bargains.
     Cinderella Lots listed here over $200 are
  postpaid by  registered international or internal
  mail to any part of the world (except where
  registered is  unavailable). They contain only
  undamaged and perfect material and are
  from hoards and accumulations up to 100 or
  more years old. Email me to confirm their
  availability and address for orders. Lesser lots
  are post extra.

Lot 1. 500+ 0ld poster stamps of the world. A
really nice starter collection which  contains some good early material. US$250 in cash
only or if UK, by cheque. All major
currencies accepted. Paypal possible.

Lot 2. Collection of 100 bus parcels stamps
of GB from a wide variety of Companies. All
in superb mint condition and many very
scarce and seldom seen items, including
David MacBrayne etc. Only US$50 in cash
only or any other major currency. Cheques
accepted from UK. Paypal possible.

Lot 3. 100 different pre-1914 exhibition
poster stamps, all in superb mint condition,
mainly European. A superb and valuable
collection, never to be repeated. One lot only
  available. Only US$200  in cash. All major
currencies accepted, but cheques from UK.
only. Paypal possible.

Lot 4. Edmund Dulac Red Cross poster
stamps from WWI. These superb and highly
desirable items are in a set of six large
stamps. Portray Greek figures. Set, superb
mint for only US$40 in cash or other major
currencies. UK cheques accepted. Paypal

Lot 5. A similar issue of War Poster Stamps
(Red Cross) designed by Frank Brangwyn.
Only US$40 or any major currency. UK
cheques accepted. Paypal possible.

Lot 6. Packet of 1000 Danish Railway Parcels
stamps in mainly superb mint condition, but
some used. Duplication, but very many
different and ideal for approvals or small
collections for resale. Only $250 the lot. Only
one lot available. Cash or UK cheque. Paypal
Note:- Reasonable exchange offers for other
cinderella material considered for any of the
above. Watch this space for changing offers.
Essay for Bannockburn & District Postal Service.
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I am a Cinderella Collector!
Name: David M. Stirling
[email protected]
Starter collection of revenues. Not just common
material. 100 different world revenues, all in good
condition. $40 including postage. anywhere. UK
cheques, otherwise cash notes.
Thousands of revenues of all types available in trade
for locals, phantoms, poster stamps etc, but no
christmas seals. Email me your favourite country,
  it's probably there!
The Foundling Exchange System works. Send in a
counted batch of your spare cinderella material and
let me send you the same number/quality of material
from the Foundling Exchange Pool. You pay postage
to me, I pay postage back to you. Fair?
I cannot guarantee specific material, but if you let
me know your interests, who knows, we might have
it here! Some of the material has been here for 50
Rhodesian Railway Stamps. I have several values of
these for trade in complete sheets of 120 mints
stamps. The singles were described in a Robson
Lowe Auction as Rare! Any offers of other
cinderella material considered. Email me for details.
A fair supply of Australian Railway Parcels stamps
also on hand. There are several thousand in the pool.
Email me for details of material available.
Some  rare Stamp Dealer's advertisement
for trade. Wanted in exchange, Carrier
Stamps of UK or US Carrier Franks. Email
for details.
Lots of really good World War I Red Cross
and Delandre material available in trade for
equally good material, especially Carrier
stamps, US Delivery Co. franks, US local
posts etc. Some of this war material is RRR.
If you are interested in purchasing good cinderella
material, then why not try the auctions on the web.
Yahoo run auctions for every conceivable type of
          material. Get yourself a bargain. Go to:--
Yahoo Auctions.

  Go to Ebay and search for seller

I am selling off my surplus or
duplicates that have accumulated over
the years. Some very unusual and
                    rare material.
Special offer:- 100 different revenues, as
   they come, but with some nice items,
   including mint 19th century Italy etc.
      Only US$40 postpaid world wide.
A very rare Greenland item. Essay?