Cinderella stamps are my delight. The lure of the
  unknown item has always attracted me and at an
  early age I started collecting labels which looked
  like postage stamps, but were not. My collecting
  tastes embraced poster stamps, fakes, forgeries,
  bogus stamps, telegraph stamps, toy stamps, strike
  stamps, bus, rail and tramway parcels and letter
  stamps, dealer's advertising stamps, wafer seals
  (segals), essays, specimens, muestra, saggio, test
  stamps, post office training stamps, poster stamps,
  war seals, etc etc. Although my interest in revenues
  is not as keen, I have several good collections
  (which I would gladly trade for local stamps).

I am also interested in currency and banknotes of the
  world and unusual watches, especially stop watches
  and chronometers.

Because I am at the centre of a network of
  exchanging Cinderella Collectors, we often get
  collections in from collectors who are giving up. At
  present there is a five volume USA revenue and
  precancel collection available. The price is about
  900 to buy, but exchange could be negotiated.
  Details available.

I do historical and genealogical research. My main
  interest is in all families in Dunblane, as I am
  attempting to restore the missing OPR's from this

I post verse (of a sort) on the Poetry.Com site. Go
  there and have a night's entertainment.

A Bogus Morman stamp has recently sold on Ebay
  for over $120! It is the black on red surfaced
  coloured stamp, of which the seller said he knew of
  only about 5 examples. I have some three for sale
  at $70 each. All nice examples. Email me for details.

Anyone collect the so-called RARE Rhodesian
  Railway stamps. I hacve several of them in
  complete sheets of 120 available. Trade or sell.

Anyone interested in forged US local stamps. I have
  a batch of these available. How about poster
  stamps. I have thousands different available from
  all  over the world, ancient and modern.

Anyone with old Trading Stamps for disposal. I
  know a collector who specialises in these, so offer
  any to me.

  No matter what thematics you collect, there will be
        a  cinderella to match your theme. Ask me.

Anyone collect early match box labels? There are
  some 10,000 assorted lying here. Some lovely

Anyone collect pigeon droppings? No? Well never
   mind, I'll just dig them into the garden.
Bogus Mormon Local Stamp.
Note cancellation!
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Cinderella Finder
Foundling Exchange Club
Cinderella and Revenue Group.
My Info:
David M. Stirling (Dave)
[email protected]
Special Offer:- 150 different rare Church        of Scotland Reward Stamps. $60,
  postpaid. $10 extra for registered mail.
  Cash only outside UK. Uk cheques ok.
My small supply of these is getting low.
Wanted:- Old decorative xmas seals, as sold for  the
decoration of xmas gift parcels (not charity seals). I
will buy or accept them in trade through the Foundling
     Exchange Club for other material. Please offer.
For a catalogue/listing of the Church of Scotland
Reward Stamps go to "Bible Stamps" from the link
          below. There you will find a complete
     Catalogue (illustrated) of these rare and early
Bible Stamps.
I can send revenues in exchange for
other cinderellas.......10,000's available!