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The Iraqi Philatelic Society (Ref. URL)
PO. Box 344
Bab Al-Muatham Post Office
Baghdad, Iraq
Shirwani's Stamps info
Mohammed Dhia (Mohammed Dhia Taha) (Mohammed Al-Shirwani)
full name: Mohammed Dhia Taha Al-Shirwani
PO. Box 55220, Baghdad Post Office
Baghdad, Iraq
  • Tel.: +964 1 541 7689 =(Land line), +964 7904 371 842 ={Mobile}
  • @-mail
  • Languages: Arabic, English and German
    Iraqi Stamp Sales and Trades:
    "In addition to mint complete sets, I may also provide FDCs, M/Sheets, Different used collections and many others."
    (He also hosts a webpage for The Iraqi Philatelic Society (above))  
    Zohir Mohammed
    P. O. Box 17048, Harrya P. O.
    Baghdad, Iraq
    Aerophilately ... - Member: Aerogram Soc.  
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