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Société générale des télécommunications et des postes
M. Ibrahim Hussein Ali
Directeur de la section des affaires postales
Karrada Dakhil
Téléphone (+964 1) 718 74 48, Téléfax (+964 1) 718 21 25
From UPU

Iraq -
was part of the Ottoman Empire from the 16th century until World War I. It was captured by British forces in 1916 and became a British mandated territory in 1921. It became independent under the Hashemite dynasty in 1932. The monarchy was replaced by military rule and Iraq was declared a republic in 1958.

Postage stamps have been issued since 1923:
The Iraq invasion of 2003 brought the stamp program to a sudden halt, the last Saddam-era issue being a Saddam University stamp on 5 February 2003. Two additional issues were planned, themed "Old Methods of Transportation" and "Popular Industries", and proofs had been made. The printing works were destroyed in the looting, but not the Post Office building, and the proofs survived. The Coalition Provisional Authority subsequently approved the printing of the Transportation stamps, and they were issued 29 January 2004. In the meantime, overprints appeared on various stamps, but none were officially authorized. (Wikipedia)

Contact: Director General of Telecommunications and Posts
Stamp Section, Philatelic Bureau
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Box 2450, Baghdad, Republic of Iraq

Iraq - Via the CIA:
Location: Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iran and Kuwait

Independence: 3 October 1932 (from League of Nations mandate under British administration)

Iraq - Post Gulf War
c.1997 - most interesting - aj. (war is hell)

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