The Artistamp Gallery

"Great art must be licked!" - Jas W Felter


 This Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting a variety of Artistamp images from around the world with an emphasis on the very earliest and the most recent creations. As well, the Gallery presents the Artistamp images and Cyberstamps of Jas.

 The Museum has access to thousands of works in the FIVE/CINQ Archives for possible presentation; but alas, most of them need conservation, restoration and in some cases reconstruction. Works will be mounted on the Gallery walls only after the curators have given their final approval. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy viewing those works which the conservationists and curators have thus far prepared for public accessability.

 To view one of the five exhibitions, just make your selection and enter the Room. We hope you enjoy your visit and remember, your comments are always welcome.

 Visitors are reminded that all works presented in the Museum are copyrighted and that the copyright is held by the Artist.

Room 1 - The Historical Collection . . .

Room 2 - The International Collection . . .

Room 3 - Artistamps by Jas . . .

Room 4 - Recent Acquisitions

Room 5 - Special Exhibition: Bugpost

Room 6 - Motherland/Fatherland Exhibition

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