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  1. HOMMAGE À WORHOL, by Michel Hosszú (recovered/new - ed.)

  2. WATERBALLET 75, by Joost Veerkamp (recovered/new - ed.)

  3. WORLD CUP WINNERS (OVERPRINT), by Alan Brignull (recovered/new - ed.)

  4. SOLAR ECLYPSE, by Ed Varney (recovered/new - ed.)

  5. RAY JOHNSON COMMEMMORATIVE, by E.F. Higgins III (recovered/new - ed.)

  6. SELF PORTRAIT, by Claudine Barbot (recovered/new - ed.)

  7. ANGEL, USSR AIR MAIL, by Nickolai Krastchin (recovered/new - ed.)

  8. STEVENSON COMMEMORATIVE, by Laura Tompkins (recovered/new - ed.)

  9. SEAHENGE: LITTORAL ARCHAEOLOGY, by Stacia Schwartz (recovered/new - ed.)

  10. SCIENCE CLONES, by Harrison Ron Pelley (recovered/new - ed.)

  11. FROM USELESS VALUES, by Joachim W.H. Wilbers (recovered/new - ed.)

  12. NORMAN ROCKWELL PAINTS C.T. CHEW, by C.T. Chew, USA (recovered/new - ed.)

  13. BLUE NUDE, (First Issued - 1986) by Andrej Tisma (recovered/new - ed.)

  14. DWORSKPOST 56, by Susan Dworski, USA (recovered/new - ed.)

  15. SOUTH KOREA, 2001, by John Held, Jr., USA

  16. DOBRICA - ARE YOU STILL ALIVE?, by Peter Küstermann, Germany

  17. CHINA, by Michael Thompson, USA

  18. GRAPE, BERRY AND APPLE, by Michael Hernandez de Luna, USA

  19. KEIICHI POST, by Keiichi Nakamura, Japan

  20. THREE STUDIES OF EXPLOSION, by Eiichi Matsuhashi, Japan

  21. CACOON, by Mia Spiral, USA

  22. HUMAN BEING, by Jang Eun Cheol, South Korea

  23. EUROPRINZ , by Henning Mittendorf, Germany and Snak_Y, Italy

  24. ART MONEY, by Ed Varney, Canada

  25. TURTLE SOUP, by Ed Higgins III, USA

  26. BANANA POST, by Anna Banana, Canada

  27. ALICE & DAD IN WONDERLAND , by Piermario Ciani, Italy

  28. SELF PORTRAIT, by Russell Butler, USA

  29. MY FRIEND IS AN MAIL ARTER, by Peter W. Kaufmann, Switzerland

  30. AVATAR DEMO (Tui-Tui), by Robert C. Rudine, USA

  31. OMNIVOROUS, by Steve Smith, USA

  32. FLIGHT OF THE FAY, by Alice Kitselman-Ames, USA

  33. tARTarugo fluxus post, by Tartarugo, Spain

  34. KAWUMM, by Uwe Bressem, Germany

  35. RARE PHENOMENON , by Kenneth S. Karsten, USA (new; recovered - ed.)

  36. HELICOPTER AIR MAIL, by Kenneth S. Karsten, USA

  37. NANLANDIA 4, by Nancy Johnson, USA

  38. NUDES IN POSTAL ART, by W.C. "Bill" Porter, USA

  39. HOME 47, by Elisa Rathje, Canada

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