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  •  Hi there, Finally online !

    09/09/2020 - Heat wave striking hard over California but the hard work continues!!. Seiya's sprite sheet is getting larger and the end of the spriting stage is near.
    DJOUL is out of order due to personal issues but will continue coding soon. Also we have started the development of Seiya's stage (details soon). Website development is a bit behind but ill catch up this upcoming weekend. Keep it up!!.
    08/13/2020 - WOW! DJOUL is doing a great job with the code!! so my motivation bar is full now. This time just a couple of low-res screenshots for you so please enjoy and wait for more really soon.

    08/04/2020 - Now working on the "TEAM MEMBERS" section and "PROJECT DETAILS", my idea is to let you all know who is working with me on this;  an oldschool tuff guy in charge of the coding and 2nd graphic who is doing a great job with SHUN and SEIYA.
    More details in the following days. Also need to activate the FORUM really soon (thinking on asking my friend WISE some help with this matter...) cause i would like to read your opinions and ideas as well. 
    08/02/2020 - Website is now online, need a lot of work and time but little by little we will fill the empty spaces.
    By now only the news feed is available at the main page, hope to have more info loaded really soon.
    Here we will update all related to our SSMugen project that we have named "DREAM".
    20 Years have pass away since we have discovered MICROCOSMO's work and magically it changed our hobbies, this project tries really hard to emulate what they did long time ago by creating a fighting game based on our beloved SAINT SEIYA series.
    Hope you enjoy what we are doing; more details to be disclosed soon, by now just  a couple of frames ouf our current WIP for you to enjoy, see you soon. 
    BTW don't forget to sign our SSDREAM GuestBook (Yes, we are oldschool)...