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Meeting (cruising) places for Sri Lankans

Please note some of these places are not exclusively gay places, even straight guys come to these places.
Report conditions of these places and new meeting places

Places suggested by users of Sri Lankan Gay Friends.

  • Colombo, Bambalapitiya
    Toilets and main lounge in Majestic City Shopping Mall, galle road
    Bambalapitya beach, behind Majestic City

    Toilets in BC, Bambalapitiya
    Dickmans road Nokia junction between 6:30 till 12 pm - can pick up a guy
  • Colombo Fort
    Washroom in the CTB government bus stand

  • Colombo Wellawatta
    Wellawatta Beach
  • Colombo Town hall
    Main bus stand
  • Mount Lavinia
    Mount Lavinia beach
  • Nugegoda
    Near Bo tree
  • Battaramulla
    Parliament grounds
  • Kandy
  • Galle
  • Mathara
  • Anuradhapura
  • Kueunagala

Sri Lankan meeting places in other countries send info

  • England
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Italy
  • Japan

For foreigners -
If you walk in a beach in Mount Lavinia, Negombo etc. even if you're not looking, somebody will find you.

Places suggested by users of our site
Maharagama - Gay Places in Maharagama
You can find gay guys in public toilet infront of Tharunasewa Sabawa.Also you can pick guys in bus stand near it around 6 pm to 9 pm
Posted by Amal from Maharagama on 21 May 2007

Badulla - meeting place in badulla

meet sweet boys in badulla from evening and night, central bus stand and park infront of court. you can meet young and old.
Posted by sumith from Badulla on 20 May 2007

Panadura - Gay paradise in panadura
If you can go to visit panadura beach at day time about 10.00am , you can see the boys come and bath in naked. it is very exciting and sometimes you can have a sex with them on sandy beach. coupes are there. but dont be afraid. they know this and police never come to this plase.
Posted by nilantha perera from Panadura on 30 April 2007

Nugegoda - meet tuition guys by Dilshan | Nugegoda (2006 November)
There are tuition guys at upstair toilets in Nugegoda super market. Should come at noon or after 5.00pm.

Kandy super market by Malin from Kandy (2006 November)
kandy come to market toilet. u can find lots of gays

Majestic city toilet fun
New from Dehiwala (2006 November)
mc toilet is superb 4 gays u can find a gay partner immediatley when i was peeing i noticed a middle aged man staring at my cock i smiled at him and he t me then we watched a film had dinner together and had real fun xxxx

Modera Muthu Wella and Crow Island by taranga kumara | qatar
(November 2006)
if eny gay looking for cute boys they without dress in water some time doing sex in water play on beach during day time in holidays go to De la Salle beach at Modera Muthu Wella and also Crow Island too.

Advices for safe meetings in Sri Lanka by Nisrosh, Colombo (November 2006)
Don't go for bampalapitiya beach..Thats not a safe place.
Meet guys and take them to ur room or your friend room. You can meet guys directly Majestic city in bampa. Have a Good Fun.

Warning on the listed places
by Ban J, Colombo (July 2006)
Bambalapitiya beach, Wellawatte beach and Majestic city wash rooms are no longer considered as safe places. Even doubt exisits as to the safety of Diyawanna oya bathing spot due to present security situation.

Gay place at Kurunegala by Sanjay, Kurunegala (July 2006)

Kurunegala Bus stand upstair toilets; go and wait- somebody will find u

Meeting Places Bars/ Rest in Colombo by Dean Morris (March 2006)
The follwing bars/resturants are frequented by both sri lankan and ex-patriate gay men.
Mollys Irish Pub, Colombo2
Clancys Bar, Maitland Crescent, Colombo 7
White Horse, Colombo 2
Koluu's Tulips Resturant, 383, Duplication rd, Colombo 3
The Galley cafe, 2 Alfred House Road, Colombo 3
Checkers Disco, Rajigiria
(this has hosted 4 gay parties in the last 12 months),
Inn on the Green, Colombo 3,
Barefoot Cafe (Back of Barefoot shop), 706, Galle Road, Colombo 3
These venues are mostly straight even though a few are gay owned

Meeting Place in Ragama by Dilshan (February 2006)
There are some gays in the Railway Station, Ragama.

Sri Jayewardenepura, Rajagiriya by Hirantha (June 2005)
Do u know the "bathing place" (Nana Thotupola) in "DIYAWANNA OYA". It is in the Sir Jayawardenapura Mawatha. Between Sri Perakumba Piriwen Temple and the bidge. When u come form the Rajagiriya u can find the birdge and Temple easily.
It is in frount of the Sri Perakumba Piriwan TEMPLE. There is a "DIYAKINDURU - Mermaid and merman" Statue in the bathing place. you can find the place easily. There are so many gay guys come to that place after around 7.00 p.m to 11.00 p.m. It is a safe place. The place is covered with trees. Anybody can't see who is travelling on the road. It is dark place. You can have sex while bathing with remove ur all clothes or waring ur underwear only. Come and get a fun.

WARNING - Make sure you are not having any relationships with under aged. Homosexual acts between men, regardless of age, are prohibited under Section 365a of the Penal Code with a penalty of up to 10 years imprisonment. However the law is not enforced and there have been no prosecutions for 50 years.


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