Songkhla Metro: Rolling Stocks (Single Car Train)

Kiha 40
Train Cruise: Heartbeat of a Northern Land November 18, 2017 [13:10 - 13:55]

Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture (Reference: NHK World running a show called Train Cruise )

Japan: Kyushu, Trains at Oita Station

Japan Trains: Hokkaido - At Asahikawa Station

Diesel rail car, JR East type E130 stands at Hitachi-Daigo Station on the Suigun Line

KiHa 101, "Salted Cod Roe" on the Kanto Railway

Diesel rail-car JR East KiHa 110 series travels on the Yamada Line in Morioka City

KiHa 110-100
Japan.JR East or East Japan Railway Company is a major passenger railway company in Japan and one of the seven Japan Railways Group companies.The company's headquarters are in Yoyogi,Shibuya,Tokyo.The KiHa 110-100 is a subseries of diesel multiple unit trains based on Kiha 100 series,operated since 1990 by East Japan Railway Company(JR East)on non-electrified rural lines in Japan.The KiHa 110-100 are 20 m long single cars built between 1991 and 1992,with plug doors.39 units were produced.Cars KiHa 110-101 to 104 were built by Niigata Tekkō and delivered to Kōriyama Depot,cars KiHa 110-105 to 122 were built by Fuji Heavy Industries and delivered to Koumi Depot,cars KiHa 110-123 to 128 were built by Niigata Tekkō and delivered to Niigata Depot,and cars KiHa 110-129 to 139 were built by Fuji Heavy Industries and delivered to Hitachi-Daigo Depot.Differences from the KiHa 110-0 series cars included solid front-end skirts instead of the earlier pipe-style skirts and elimination of the dummy exterior window at the toilet position.All cars are equipped with Cummins DMF14HZA engines,and use DT58A motored bogies and TR242 trailer bogies.Accommodation consists of fixed transverse seating arranged 2+1 abreast,with longitudinal bench seats at the ends of the cars.Seating capacity is 52 per car, with a total capacity of 119, including standing passengers.

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