This page is dedicated to the greatest punk band to ever walk the earth, GISM.
My goal is to give you, the fan, more much needed info on this band. Like many, I am very displeased with the lack of GISM info, and pictures for that matter, on the internet. Possibly this is because of the Sakevi Curse. Where if you make a site about him or GISM and he finds out, he will kill you ( that is why I titled my page "Guy In Suicide Mission"). but all that aside, I hope to supply people with a lot of visually informative photos of band shots, interviews, and scan/pics of all of their releases. I hope people will find this page useful.
ATTENTION HOG PUNX!! Updates!!!! Death Exclamations LP.
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please click on the release for pics, info, and a review. I will list things as I get them. All the things I list are items I own, and the photos are taken by myself. Some sections are not ready for viewing yet. others are partially done.

GISM Official Releases:

Detestation LP 1984 Dogma Records

M.A.N. Military Affairs Nuerotic LP 1987 Beast Arts

DetesTATION CD 1991 Beast Arts

SoniCRIME TheRapy CD 2002 Beast Arts

PERFORMANCE 1985 VTR  Beast Arts Video

Subject/Egos Chopped VTR 1995 Beast Arts Video

+R VTR 2002 Beast Arts Video (Soon)

GISM Bootleg Releases:

Death Exclamations LP 1991 Japanese Leather NEW!!

NIH NIGHTMARE Bootleg CD 1993 (soon)

POW CD 1998 (soon)

Anarchy Violence EP  1991 Japanese Leather (soon)

GISM/COMES split LP Detestation and No Side

Victorious 1991 Picture disk 7" Japanese Leather

Anarchy Violence 7" Reissue from 2000 Japanese Leather records (?)

GISM/SIC Split live 7" 2000 Coretic Records

Detestation and More 19?? Gomad Records

Human Condition LP 1995 Absolute Power

LIVE 82/83 LP 2004 Absolute Power (soon)

GISM Stickers What I believe to be the complete collection of Japanese Leather's Stickers for the Victorious etc. Bootlegs.

G.I.S.M. Sweatshirt. Sold at the last live. Designed by the late Randy Uchida!

RUG - Deathly Fighter ep Randy Uchida's solo work!

GISM Pictures Showing photos croped from magazines and booklets

GISM Scanned Interviews - needs to be translated! not open yet
note: the photos on this page are my private property, I am sick of assholes stealing other peoples pictures, and not doing the scanning/editing themselves. If you dont have the stuff to scan, think of this site as a visual to help you track down stuff. or something. I spent a fortune on this stuff. why shouldnt you???

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