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spacer.gif (836 bytes)capd.gif (1358 bytes)uring the time that I published ANOMALY I had the great pleasure of talking to several of the people who made the original Battlestar Galactica series possible. In addition to the full interviews published here, I  exchanged letters with Michael Sloan regarding his unshot (but very good) script Fire in Space (he recalled writing it at one end of a table while Glen Larson wrote a pilot at the other end while they were on vacation in Hawaii), talked on line to author Mike Resnick who revealed that his BG novelization was written to fill in for his friend Robert Thurston, whose wife was dying of cancer, and even got a postcard from the late (and very lamented) Dr. Isaac Asimov, who pointed out that he did not, as some had claimed, write a script for Battlestar Galactica (“I don’t write scripts” said Dr. A firmly) but only a treatment, which was never used.

1. New! Interview with Alan J. Levi, director of half of the premiere and of Gun on Ice Planet Zero.

2. New! Transcript of a panel on collaboration from Visoncon 2000, featuring Richard Hatch and author P.N. Elrod.

3. New! Interview with Galactica 1980 story editor Chris Bunch.

4. Interview with Stu Phillips, the series composer

5. Interview with Robert Thurston, author of several of the novelizations and four original novels

6. Interview with Terry McDonnell, one of the series’ story editors

7. Interview with Jim Carlson, the other story editor. This interview never appeared in ANOMALY.

8. Excerpts from a series of Q & A sessions with Richard Hatch and Anne Lockhart at the 1986 Galacon in Norfolk, Virginia.


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