The Water Tank and Latrines

The Water Tank and South East Tower

Walking down from the north wall to the south east corner, we have passed the east gate, and access to the wall, and now arrive at the water tank by the latrines. The heavy signs of wear were most probably caused by Roman soldiers using the tank to wash their clothes. As previously discussed, a drainage system carried rainwater to this tank allowing flushing of the latrines. This shows the planning used when the fort was constructed as not only does this allow water from the rest of the fort to be stored, but also there was a direct sewer out of the fort.


Looking directly down into the latrines we can see the main sewer which was flushed by water flowing in an anti clockwise direction. To the left of the picture we can see a joist hole used for supporting the wooden seats over the sewer. In the centre of the latrines we can see two stone troughs, and two water channels. These were used by soldiers to wash the sponges that served the same purpose as modern day toilet paper. Looking up we can see the south east corner angle tower. This doubled as a bakehouse, and two ovens were discovered there when it was excavated. The Latrines

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