The Hospital

The Northern Side of the Hospital The fact that more soldiers died of disease than battle was not lost on the Romans, and the legions and auxilliary troops had medical facilities unmatched by any army until this century. This photograph shows the northern end of the hospital, and on the left of the picture we can see the surgery. To the right is a courtyard which was used for growing herbs, behind which can be seen small rooms for medical staff and patients. At the top left of the picture are the walls of the granaries. In the fourth century the courtyard was paved over, and the surgery was converted to domestic use.

We are now looking towards the south east across the hospital. To your far right is the latrine and directly in front of you are more rooms for medical staff and patients. As you can see, the view from this part of the fort is spectacular and on a clear day you can see for miles.


The Southern Side of the Hospital

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