Swamy N.M Bhrahmanantha Jothi Subramaniam, the founder of All India Samarasa Sanmarga Satiya Iyakkam


               Nature has its reasons for creation, so are divine souls. These divine souls are the manifests of God. These super souls guide other souls to divinity. Most of these super souls are instructed by the Almighty to awaken the ignorant ones.

In this stream Naga Muthu Pazhaniya Pillai and Deyva Kuncharathammal, was blessed with a baby boy who was born on the first Tamil month of Aani, 15th June 1920 in the district of Madurai. Mother Devya Kuncharathammal is the daughter of Thillai Amman Kannamal, Madurai. She was well known among the religious body of this Madurai temple. It was from here this grace of the Almighty; the young baby boy N.M Supramaniam got his divine manifestation at the very prime age of 10.The young lad was motivated towards religion and the outcome of his spiritual growth has shown his masters appearance in his dream. His master Vallalar called him to Vadaloor.

The young youth at the age 16 went to Vadaloor in search of his Guru Thiru Arutt Prakasha Bramanantha Jothi Ramalingam Swamigal. A person whom he has not seen before, except for his dreams to belief.

There he saw the Palace of Sidhi Valaga Thirumaaligai. He got into the temple of Thirumaaligai and had a glimes of Jothi Darshan. As the curtains were removed he had a better look of the Jothi. There were seven curtains after which the Jothi Darshan was there for him. He was over whelmed with joy, for the reason that Vallalar has invited him to the Jothi Darshan. In return he had nothing to pay for his (Vallalar) kindness to have appeared in his dream.

N.M. Subramaniam took a vow to pray and promote the name and fame of Thiru Arutt Prakasha Jothi Ramalingam and his works to uplift mankind. He was determined to carry out the mission. He gathered information about Vallalar and also met many scholars and took their advice. He wanted to do a lot more for the promotion of Vallalar.

In1941 N.M. Subramaniam started the Arutt Perum Jothi Nillaiyam (Vallalar Mission) was established. Along with this movement The All India Samarasa Sanmarga Sathiya Iyakkam was also established. During this period of time India was involved in the Indian Independence movement under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. The spiritually inclined N.M. Subramaniam was an ardent supporter of the non- violence struggle for independence.

In 1945 at the age of 25 N.M. Subramaniam under the parent instructions had to marry Sowbagyawathi Valli Ammaiyar. For his survival he opened a textile business in Shree Meenachi Soundareswarar Sannathi Street, Madurai. The goods he sold were hand woven Khadi graft linen made in India, as a protest to boycott British goods. His earnings were moderate just to support the family.

During this season, he developed a mutual understanding with political leaders and spiritual leaders. In fact this gave a lot of openings to establish Vallalar's teaching to all his close friends of both fields. In connection with Vallalar’s teachings he approached the then Chief Minister O.P. Ramasamy Reddiyar and Pasumpon Devar. They made public speeches of Vallalar and his divine discourses. This gave a boost to renovate the existing Vallalar Sidhi Valaga Thirumaaligai.

On the other hand spiritual leaders like Thiru Krubanantha Varriyar Swammigal, who is also the close friend of Thiru N.M. Subramaniam, took his share to propagate Vallalar’s JEEVA KARUNIUM. There were others like, Thiagaraja Bagawathar who sang hymns of Vallalar’s THIRUARUTTPA. The melodious singer brought forth the demand toVallalar’s Thiru Aruttpa. Later other play back singers like M.L Vasantha Kumari sang the same notes too. Added to all this gracious promotion, revenue flowed into where the renovation was planned to start.

In 1941 The than Municipal Manager Loganatha Pillai, Madurai Gnana Sambandar Matalayam, N.M. Subramaniam with the help of Varriyar Swammigal agreed to undertake the job. In 1950 they established a marble inscription of THIRU ARRUTTPA in Vadaloor Sithi Valaga Thirumaaligai walls embroider in golden inlay, which stands till to-date. The consecration ceremony was also done in the same year. Followed by the occasion N.M. JothiSubramaniam was conferred with many titles such as: -

Madurai, Thirugnana Sambandar Adheenakarthar Shree Somasundaram Adigalar conferred upon him the title of “Sanmarga Kalanidhi”

Thirumuruga Krupanantha Varriyar Swammigal conferred upon him the title of    “VallalarVazhithondral”.

In Madurai Paandi Mandala Muruga Bakthargal conducted religious conference. N.M. JothiSubramaniam was actively involved in the promotion of the conference; here he was conferred with the title of “Guhanarul Selvar”.

In the same year 1950 N.M.Jothi Subramaniam started the Arutt Perum Jothi travels in Madurai. He promoted the message of Vallalar and spread them to Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Predesh and the whole of South India Tamil Nadu. He conducted the All India pilgrimage five times to spread the news of Vallalar and his holy discourses of Aruttpa. Many people followed the Jeeva Karunia The vegetarian way of life, not doing harm to living things. N.M. Jothi Subramaniam established a center in Madurai. Every 5th day of every month he conducted a pooja called the “PADIVIZHA”. This pooja was performed in both Madurai Meenachi temple and the Thiruparamkundram temple. It was to light a lamp at every staircase which leads to the temple. It is to impart the knowledge that the JOTHI(light) is the ultimatum in god realization. He also distributed Shiva Lingam’s to the interested Lord Shiva devotees.

In 1963, he traveled to Malaysia and Singapore to spread the message of Vallalar. During his one-year stay in Malaysia and Singapore he had close contact with C.T.D. Manohar, who was in Singapore. He initiated him with Vallalar’s Jothi upadesam and took him as his disciple.

In Malaysia he expelled the caste system in his discourses and preached for the Jeeva Karuniam(harm not the living things) this helped N.M.Jothi Subramaniam to have close repo with other Malaysian friends and disciple. In1999 Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam’s Guruji C.T.D. Manohar, the President Mr. Ravindran and members of the Ashramam honorably invited him. Thiru N.M.Jothi Subramaniamwas introduced to all members of the Ashram and the public at large. He delivered spiritual discourses and worn the hearts of the many who heard the speech. He performed Jothi Pooja, Yagna, and taught a few of the depth of Aruttpa. He also went further to initiate Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam members with Jothi Upadesam. Thiru N.M. Jothi Subramaniam stayed in Malaysia for three months and had driven a great impact upon his followers. The most gifted ones are those who acquired the knowledge of performing the right way of doing rituals and alike poojas. Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam's further developed the movement, under the leadership of C.T.D. Jothi Manohar.

In the Year 2002, Shree Nadaraj Anantha Margam consecrated him with the honorability of the title Bhrammanantha Jothi on the birth date of Vallalar, the 5th of October 2002 Spiritual discourse of Swamy N.M. Brammanantha Jothi Subramaniam and his melodious rendering of Vallalar's songs seem to tap the sources of dynamic energy in us and provide divine nectar to our ears. We feel as if Thiru Arutt Prakasha Vallalar himself has become in extricable one with us.

Swamy N.M.Bhrammanantha Jothi Subramaniam has been devoting his precious time in propagating Aruttpa hymns and Vallalar's script. He has set his lineage of disciples in India and Malaysia, if not the world over for time to gauge its progress.



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