Asset-Based Development and Appreciative Inquiry

Start with the Positive

If we want to make our communities stronger, why do we too often start out by listing all of the problems? Why not take a positive approach to planning and managing community development?

These approaches and models, known by a variety of names such as Appreciative Inquiry, Assest-Based Development, or Development Assets, endeavor to avoid the negative aspects of the problem-centered approach by focusing instead on the positive. When the community members take time to identify the positive assets of their communities, they plan and build on the solid foundation of what is already working in those communities.


Appreciative Inquiry


Appreciative Inquiry at
Global Excellence in Management (GEM) program at, sponsored by Case Western Reserve University.  

Asset-Based Community Development


Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) at, applying the Kretzmann and MacKnight Model
Asset Approach to Community Development at, applying the Tharp Model developed by Roland G. Tharp.

Developmental Assets


Search Institute at


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