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AJ McLean

Right arm

    Cross with "Bone"

   Chinese symbols meaning "Bear, Fear, Laughter"

   Flameing Heart

   His ex-girlfriend nickname

   Touching hands from Cystine Chapel

Left arm

   His name in Tribal

   "Laugh Now"

   Theatrical Mask

   His dog's name "JD"

  His nickname "AJiggity"


   Chinese Millenium Dragon (right side)

   He was born in the Chinese Serpent's year (left side)


   His favorite number "69"

Brian Littrell

Left arm

   Cross with "Rock Of Ages"

   Arm band, some people say it is written Salms from the Bible, but I think it is the lyrics of the song he wrote for Leighanne, called "You Are"

Kevin Richardson

Pelvic bone

   Well... we don't actually HAVE a pic of his tattoo, we only know its drawing, so...

Howie Dorough

Howie is the only BSBoy who doesn't have a tattoo, he says he would do one if all of them had one with the same drawing

Nick Carter

Right arm

   Tribal Band

   Sun with Chinese writing

Left arm

   A Shark

   Chinese symbols one means Neptune in Roman Mythology the other means Poseidon in Greek Mythology both are Gods of the Sea


   Music Note (right) shoulder blade

   We're not sure what that is (left) shoulder blade

   Kaos down his spine

Right Leg

   A Dolphin

Left Leg

   A Sea Horse

Names in Chinese

   Brian's name in Chinese

   Kevin's name in Chinese

Source: Loving Brian Littrell

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