Sexual Abuse
I was sexually abused by many family members and friends of the family and relatives.  I felt like a basketball being bounced from one person to another to be molested.

The earliest I remember being molested was two.  I am sure it probably started before then.

Grandpa molested me.  He molested me till I was 11 or 12.  He would have me sleep with him at night when I spent the night.  It started at least when I was two, probably younger.  Him and grandma never slept in the same room.  He would molest me and make me do oral sex on him.  It was disgusting.  Sometimes when grandma and grandpa went somewhere, even in the daytime, grandpa would sit in the backseat with me and molest me in the backseat while grandma drove.  He molested me sitting on his lap at his house when I was a little girl.  Sometimes grandpa would molest me and one of my cousin's at the same time.  And make me and my cousins do things with each other, too.  He was french kissing me at 4 or 5 years old.

Grandpa also since when I was a little girl, would grab my breasts and pinch them, even when I was 17.  I don't remember seeing him before I left home.  I hated walking to another room or anywhere when he was around.  He would make rude comments.  My uncles (his sons) did it all the time, too, when they were around.

I had so much anger towards grandpa.  When I was about 8, I decided to hurt him back.  I stole $10.00 worth of silver dollars from his jewelry type box, and buried them in his back yard.  I got caught and mom and dad really let me have it.  I had no way of fighting back, I had to do something. 

When I was 5 I was on grandma and grandpa's back porch.  I was twirling around a pole there.  I was watching grandpa give my cousins rides on the riding lawn more, and as I was twirling, I was wishing so bad he was dead.  I would daydream about cutting off his privates alot as a child.  I daydreamed about different ways of hurting him back.  When he would give us a ride on the lawnmower, he would molest us then also.

My mom and dad both molested me as a child.  They would even make me sleep in their bed and both molest me and make me do things to them, including oral s*x stuff.  Sometimes they would leave me out and make me lay there and listen to their horrible stuff.  My dad had boxes of sex toys in the closets.  Mom always said dad was the biggest pervert there was.  Dad started fully raping me after I turned 7.  This lasted into my twenties.  I would try to run from him, and he would always catch me.  He would make mom watch.

My older sister molested me also.  She used knives, pencils, spoons, scissors, etc...  I would totally check out.  Sometimes I would stand and draw while she was molesting me.  But, usually she molested me in our closet.  She made me do things to her also.  Even orally.  She would cut me internally sometimes when she molested me with scissors and knives.  I would use one of mom's kotex's to hide that I was bleeding.  Before she would molest me, she alot of the times would make me look at playboy and playgirl books.  It was disgusting.  She was programmed through mind control to molest me.  When she made me do things to her sexually, she would always get mad at me cause I didn't do it right.  I wouldn't - I hated everything about sex - I wasn't about to do it right, I didnt want to know anything about it.  She made me do different sexual positions with her and everything.  I wanted to know nothing about sex at all.  I hated it. 

My older brother molested me also.  And, as I got older, he sometimes raped me.

Uncles on both sides of the family molested me and raped me.  So did older cousins, friends of the family.  I was also used as a Presidential Sex Slave, but I will talk about that under Government Mind Control.

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