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About the Perpetual Motion Machines...

In this type of machines always paradoxes supposedly without solutions  were created, some of them talked about to the violation of the first  law of the thermodynamics, also well-known like principle of  conservation of energy. The first law of the thermodynamics establishes  that if a work is made on a system, the internal energy of the system  will vary, although the energy is not lost, is degraded. There are  energy forms that can be transformed or be taken advantage of better. In the end and after successive conversions the energy finishes in heat  form. This heat is very difficult to turn other energies, at least with a perfect yield and, in addition, a temperature difference is needed.  Often it is not possible to be taken advantage of and it is necessary to reject it. Sometimes, it is necessary extra energy to reject it.

In this system which we will develop with base in the technology of  magnetic levitation not it loses energy by heat because there are no  surfaces in contact, the only energy loss would be the heat produced by  the excitation of the electromagnets, but this energy loss irrelevant  would be compared to the energy that will produce the system, in  addition what we will see next is not a system that depends on a  thermoelectrical process, but of a mechanical process...

Fundamental and elementals questions that they considered for this project...

Something (a body or vehicle) that weighs 15 tons and moves at a speed of 400  km/h. How much potential energy has? The answer is obvious: Much!

We can construct a machine that can canalize this energy and to turn it electricity?
The answer is: Yes!

If this system uses electrical energy to work, we would enter a paradox  without solution supposedly; electrical energy to produce more  electrical energy? The answer is simple: a small amount of electrical  energy to produce great amounts of electrical energy.

The result is obvious a perpetual motion machine and its construction is possible  by means of the technology of electromagnetic levitation...

Data Update: April 2011

In 2006 I started recording my invention the ElectroMagnetic Levitation and Propulsion Turbine.

The feasibility to build my invention has been shown, in my Antecedents of Invention, I suggested a hypothetical perpetual motion system, connecting an electric motor to an electric generator, an engine that spends far less in relation to what produces the generator, the idealization was not so hypothetical...

An Inventor Colombian is selling the Ucros Kit, which is what I envisioned, the project works this way, having a generator of 3.5 MW, which runs to 3500 rpm, connect an electric motor also works to 3500 rpm. The electric motor replacing work as the driving force of wind, solar energy, hydro or thermal (atomic energy). The electric motor will spend only 1.5 KW of electricity.

Mr. Carlos Ucros Piedrahita has a Facebook Profile, Website and Contact Information.


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